HMI Programming

Traditional hard wired panels with pushbuttons are being replaced with Human Machine Interface ( HMI ) that are now becoming an important part of a control sytems. HMI's can provide a understandable system overview which include system monitoring, operational commands, data acquisition and system fault handling. If you need to upgrade an existing pushbutton panel or if you need a HMI for a new controls project or wish to upgrade an old discontinued HMI we can help you get the right HMI for your controls project.

We have experience with the following HMIs:

• Allen-Bradley

• PanelView Plus


 •PanelView Standard


• VersaView


• Automation Direct

 •C-More Touch Panels


• Panasonic GT Series








• Unitronics OIT/PLC











• Wonderware

 •Wonderware 10



We have experience with the following Networks:

• EtherNet
• Canbus
• ControlNet
• DeviceNet
• Modbus
• Remote I/O
• DH-485
• DH+
• RS-232 (DF1, RS-485, and multivendor drivers)


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